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RSS News Auto Aggregator with Search Engine

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RSS News Auto Aggregator with Search Engine

RSS News Auto Aggregator with Search Engine

RSS NEWS is an automated news aggregator, that can import latest content from unlimited RSS feeds. With no-cost Google CSE based search engine that searches different portions of the web. Including different types of search sections, like web, videos, torrents even subtitles. No API keys are needed.

RSS NEWS is not your average RSS aggregator, it comes with special features like HTML DOM based full-text fetching for articles, cron based automatic content fetching and deletion of the old content after a certain period and many more.

RSS NEWS is the perfect choice for anyone who’s looking to build their very own content portal with no much server load to worry about.


Before you buy or try to install inbefore please make sure your server meets the following requirements

  • PHP 7.x – Linux/unix web-server.
  • Apache 2.4+ with mod_rewrite
  • MySQL 5.6+
  • Standard cPanel with CRON support
  • cURL - PHP Extension
  • PDO-MySQL - PHP Extension
  • Mbstring - PHP Extension
  • fileinfo - PHP Extension
  • libxml- PHP Extension
  • DOM - PHP Extension
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