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Refund Policy

It is our goal to make sure that you are pleased with the items you find on AbTheme. If you're experiencing a technical issue with an item, please contact the Author or write a comment on the Item Page at first.

On the rare occasion you do not hear back from the Author after 48 hours, please contact support and we'll help contact them on your behalf.

In an effort to help you receive swift answers to your questions, we've provided some resources to help you address common issues that may arise:

Because the items we offer are digital, we typically only issue refunds if there is a technical problem with the item that the Author cannot resolve or if the item was misrepresented in the item description.

We're unfortunately unable to process refunds for the following situations:

  • You (or your client) no longer need the purchased item.
  • You found another item you like better or you've changed your mind.
  • You don't have sufficient expertise to use the item.
  • You don't have the correct software to open and edit the item.
  • You didn't follow item requirements.
  • You bought the item on accident.

All refunds are at the sole discretion of AbTheme.

File will not open in my program

First thing to check is to make sure you have unzipped your item. All AbTheme items are downloaded as ZIP files, which are compressed files. In order to use your item, you must first unzip the file. Unsure how to unzip your file? Learn about that here: Windows | Mac.

If your item is already unzipped but you're having trouble opening the file still, check to make sure you're opening the file in the correct program. Here are some common file types found on AbTheme and the corresponding programs that are typically used to open them:

  • AI, EPS - Adobe Illustrator
  • INDD - Adobe InDesign
  • PSD - Adobe Photoshop
  • DOC, DOCX - Microsoft Word
  • PPT, PPTX - Microsoft PowerPoint
  • KEYNOTE - Keynote (for Mac)
  • OTF, TTF - font, installable on all computers

I do not have the program for that item

If you don't already have a copy of the necessary Adobe programs, you can download a free 30-day trial here. Just click on the corresponding software you need, and you'll be able to download a copy of the corresponding program.

The font is not displaying glyphs/swirls/flourishes

There are a couple of reasons why your font may not seem to be functioning correctly. First, please check the item folder to make sure there are no specific instructions provided by the Author.

Secondly, it is important to check what program you are using the font in. Generally, word processing and presentations programs like Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint are not the best programs to use third-party fonts because it limits the options of the font's appearance. In fact, third-party fonts are not directly supported in Microsoft Office, so the swirls and glyph alternatives may not be available. More graphic-intensive programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, etc. are better choices for that type of usage because they are more equipped to handle the alternative features of your purchased font.

The item is not working the way it's supposed to

It's always disappointing when an item doesn't work the way you expect it to! If you're having a technical issue, 9 times out of 10 the Author is able to resolve your technical concern, so you should contact the Author directly to get your specific question answered. Do this by sending them a private message by filling the message form on their profile page or posting in the comments section of the item page.

The item is low quality

First, we would suggest checking the item folder to make sure there isn't multiple versions of your item. Often times, authors will provide a lower quality sample file along with their original high quality item. For instance, an Author could include in the item folder a rasterized graphic which will appear pixelated upon enlargement. However, in the same folder, there is a EPS/AI file that contains the scalable vector format of that same graphic that would allow you to resize the item without suffering any loss in quality.

There was a WordPress error during installation.

  • There are two issues that may prevent you from installing your WordPress theme:
  • Please note that AbTheme sells WordPress themes, which you host yourself. Our themes will not work on
  • If you got an error message that there was the style.css sheet was missing, the main style sheet may be named something else, and/or is located in a separate css folder. You may have to redirect your software to locate the correct style sheet from this subfolder.

ZIP file cannot unzip or is corrupted

There are a couple things that could be causing the issue. Here's some things to check:

  • What size is the original file? Make sure the downloaded file is the same size as the original item file. If your downloaded file is smaller, your file did not download correctly.
  • File is correct size, but is corrupted. If it is a large file, there may have been a download error that occurred. Please try downloading the file again and consider using a download manager to avoid more issues.
  • Do you get a RAR file after you tried to unzip the file? If this is the case, you will need a RAR extractor: Windows | Mac

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