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Live-TV Demo One. It is a premium online TV theme. With this theme you can create Bengali and English online TV websites. This theme is fully responsive for all devices. This theme is built on WordPress.

Theme Options Features:

1, There are times, date and time, which will be in Bangla and English. You can use anyone you want.
2, Two title scroll.So that you can use the latest news on one category and custom text on another.
3, Old News and Facebook Page options.
4, A Single page named Our family has been created so that you can keep all your staff, reporter’s pictures, names, and their details.
5, There are search options so that you can search the news by typing the title of the news.
6, Nice MENU bar. Whatever you go down the website, the menu bar will show. There are also sub-menus of menus and sub-menus of menus. You can create multiple sub-menus if you wish.
7, There are 6 menus in the footer.
8, Scroll to top button is given. By clicking on it you can move bottom to the top of the website very easily.
9, you can give the reporter’s name and photo in full news.
10, You will find the number of times your post has been read. You can hide it from theme options if you like.
11, There is a social media link to share the news or post.
12, Below the single news, there are more such news options.
13, there are various spaces to show ads. You can add multiple ads in one place if you want.

Theme Features: 

  • Date, bar and time (Bengali / English).
  • Facebook icons, Twitter icons, Instagram icons, Android apps icons, Google
  • Plus icons and YouTube icons.
  • Logos and banners.
  • Titles and notices.
  • Details, Category, Search, 404 All Page A Ad Options.
  • Footer logo, editor information, copyright information.
  • Family contact page (editor, staff, reporter's name, photo and details).
  • Detailed page.
  • Category / Archive page.
  • 404 pages.
  • Search page
  • Photo / video gallery page.
  • Sample pages.

This theme has been designed in a completely new and unique way. This theme has a complete setup video and theme introduction video.

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